Document Understanding
& Process Automation Solutions

New Launch : Discover and try out the new IRISPowerscan™ 12

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Document Understanding
& Process Automation Solutions

New Launch : Discover and try out the new IRISPowerscan™ 12

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Explore IRIS’ extensive range of scanning solutions, comprising portable scanners and advanced scanning applications. Experience the power of IRISPowerscan, a high-speed scanning application that effortlessly scans, organizes, and captures your documents. For on-the-go scanning needs, our compact IRIS Portable Scanners offer convenience and quality in a sleek design.

Powered by IRIS’ cutting-edge AI-based OCR proprietary technology, our solutions deliver unparalleled accuracy for all your scanning requirements.

OCR, Compression & Conversion

Are you seeking an out-of-the-box, easy-to-use desktop application? Experience Readiris OCR, which effortlessly converts, edits, and transforms documents into various digital formats, including compressed PDF.

You are an OEM or a developer? You’ve come to the right place. Harness the power of IRIS technologies with IRISOCR™ sdk, a fast and versatile OCR toolkit that allows your custom application to convert images into indexed, editable files, and offers document recognition services for multiple users.

Document Classification
& Data Capture

Discover the power of IRISXtract™, a versatile client-server application platform that automates crucial business processes. Effortlessly classify documents, extract vital data, and seamlessly export information to your business applications. If you’re an OEM, System Integrator, or Developer, reach out to us to leverage the capabilities of the IRISXtract™ toolkit in your own application.

Explore IRIS’ specialized solutions, automating processes such as Accounts Payable capture and Digital Mailroom, to further optimize your business operations.

PDF Management

PDFs are essential in today’s business landscape, thanks to their universal compatibility. IRIS offers powerful tools to optimize their use. With Readiris PDF, you can seamlessly compose, edit, annotate, split, sort, amend, compress, e-sign, and securely share custom PDF files. This powerful PDF Manager Application supports multiple file formats and ensures optimal performance, enhancing your overall productivity.

Maximize your PDF management capabilities with IRIS.

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These real-time demos are a sneak preview of how IRIS’ OCR, Conversion and Free-Form Extraction work on unstructured & semi-structured documents. To get a bespoke demo, please contact us.

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