IRISXtract™ in the healthcare sector

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Digital Transformation with IRISXtract™

SANIMED was founded in 1983 and is active in the field of healthcare management. The company has a total of 25 locations, employs 600 people nationwide and has twelve subsidiaries. Since leaving the Hartmann Group in 2020, SANIMED was faced with a new challenge due to a restructuring in the IT department and had to issue a call for tender to equip the Scan Center. IRISXtract™ was able to win the new tender and help SANIMED to better manage the digital mailroom.

With the IRISXtract™  Digital Mailroom Automation, a solution was found for SANIMED to accompanies the digital process from start to the end and provide the interface for a seamless integration into the SAP system. As a result, it became possible for the SANIMED Group to further advance and professionalize their digital transformation. Due to its flexibility and user-friendliness, the IRISXtract™ Digital Mailroom Automation Solution is clearly superior to the product used in the past by SANIMED.

Process Optimization with IRISXtract™

The Digital Mailroom Automation of IRISXtract™ provides the SANIMED Group with a clear process optimization. A total of 2.4 million pages are processed annually with a recognition rate of over 90%. Furthermore, SANIMED can distribute the daily receipt of documents very quickly in the respective departments to ensure efficient patient care. Recognition has also improved significantly due to the intuitive user interface for incoming faxes and e-mails. SANIMED describes the cooperation with IRIS as professional and structured, which is why further projects with IRIS’ Accounts Payable Capture Solution are planned.

With IRISXtract™, we are able to process various, often very difficult, document types found in the healthcare sector. These include, for example, the Muster-16 prescription form – a real challenge when extracting OCR data – hospital prescriptions and delivery bills.”

Bastian Brickwedde, Head of IT, SANIMED

Solution with:

  • High flexibility and ease of use
  • Recognition rates of over 90%
  • Processing of 2.4 million pages annually