Automated Invoice Capturing

Inserting captured invoice data into Quickbooks Pro

UFC implemented an automated invoice capturing solution based on IRISXtract™ at Noble House Home Furnishings LLC to capture data from vendor invoices and insert it into the Quickbooks Pro online system. It automatically trains the location of fields for invoices and intelligently assigning proper expense (general ledger) accounts to line items.

Additionally, the option to apply this OCR software technology with other departments (logistics and sales) to analyze data from various third party documents (i.e. customs and duties forms, bills of lading) is being explored.

Benefits of automated Invoice Data Capturing

The IRISXtract™ solution reduced the amount of time, errors and resources previously spent manually entering the data into Quickbooks Pro and individually scanning and attaching the corresponding invoices to Accounts Payable billing system.

It processes an increased number of vendor invoices (due to a business growth of 39%) without incurring the cost of adding headcount to the accounting department.

Collaborating with Noble House on their invoice automation project was very exciting! The IRIS software provided a flexible platform for UFC to implement logic and rules specific to their business. Also, UFC’s QuickBooks Online connector worked beautifully for this project and we’re thrilled that our products and services are saving time and money at Noble House!
Travis Spangler, General Manager, User Friendly Consulting Inc

Our work with UFC, Inc. allowed the IRISXtract™ software to be customized specifically for our operations and captures the required data to our AP system, Quickbooks Pro. They were able to deliver on the expected results of the software capabilities.
Thomas Tamura, CFO Noble House Home Furnishings LLC

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Key facts

  • Easy implementation with Quickbooks Pro
  • Reduce amount of time, errors and resources